Lately I’ve been referring to my political orientation as “enter-center,” in the vein of “alt-right” and “ctrl-left.” Currently (7/7/2021), as far as I can find them, there are no political hits on Google or Twitter for enter-center. The sole purpose of this article is then to coin the term. If someone came up with it before this, let me know.

By enter-center I mean people who are in the broad liberal coalition between alt-right (Trumpists, ethnonationalists, chan trolls, etc.) and ctrl-left (wokists, marxists of other kinds, antifa sympathizers, etc.). “Enter,” like the enter key that moves you forward, denotes a willingness to make mainstream progress, mainly by means of having conversations, compromising, and using other means of good-faith common deliberation to further practical goals. And while treating people mostly as individuals, and mostly not as members of groups like race, gender, or sexual orientation. This is in contrast to the illiberal and often collectivist means commonly used by the alt-right/ctrl-left.

It wasn’t long ago when coining new titles for broad mainstream liberalism would have been unnecessary. Maybe it still is and enter-center is too silly for broad appeal. After all, it is silly. But now that this commonsense ideology has been turned into a slightly old-fashioned option among others, it may be in need of some brand dusting. Given this, I’m happy to call enter-center my political home, and you can too, if you want to.


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